What Habits Will Make You Be Always Healthy?

No matter what you think, there is no healthy pattern that you should follow. No matter what they say, it can apply it to every single individual. What is good for your body, only you and your body can know? You need to adapt your habits to your body, to see what will be good for you and make you feel better and to start repeating it. There is a lot of theories regarding a healthy life style, and a lot of them are completely wrong.

How much water should you intake?

There are a lot of articles regarding the water, and most of them will advise you to take about 2-3 liters per day. It is probably the most stupid thing that they could right. First of all, you cannot apply this rule to people who are a different weight.  A person of 100 pounds cannot drink the same amount of the water as 50 pounds person. On the other hand, the person who is always sitting and the person that is physically active cannot intake the same amounts of water.

Chrono diets

Chrono diets

We know how popular this term is. But the creator of this theory and type of nutrition forgot one tiny thing:  not all people get up and go to bed at the same time. Sometimes the nature of our job does not let us eat everything that we intend to eat before six. Maybe we are working night shifts, or we do not have time to eat at the same periods. It is the main reason you need to pay attention to your habits and everyday activities before you start with this diet.


We need to admit fruit is healthy, but you need to know that sugar is always sugar no matter what you think. Whether we think of natural sugar or industrial the consequences on your body can be the same. It is why we need to eat fruit when we get up, never at the end of our day. If you make smoothies never leave them to sit around, you will increase their sweetness.